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Health and safety

Aeropeople believe that health and safety at work is a critical factor in the provision of any effective and successful workforce. We provide professional training for all staff and employ our own permanent H&S practitioner.


Aeropeople has a genuine global footprint operating within France, Germany, Italy, Middle/Far East, North America, Scandinavia and Singapore. In order to operate compliantly in these countries, Aeropeople has invested in the required operating licenses.


The environment team via our parent company, ensures that all of Aeropeople’s activities and services are in compliance with all of our environmental legal obligations of our ISO 14001 accreditation and advises the company on ways to minimise our impact on the environment (land, air & water). This includes managing waste permits and any discharges to air and water.


Aeropeople has built its reputation on our consistent high quality of both services and personnel; we are proud of our exceptional standards, complete with our robust Quality Management System (QMS) procedures and in-house Quality Management team. Accreditations include ISO 9001-2015.


Full warranties are available on our work enabling you to pass on warranties and assurances to customers; these warranties are also available in relation to our line maintenance activities. Aeropeople also offers comprehensive insurance, including professional indemnity, Aviation product, employee liability and public liability.